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Broadcast Texting

Automated Texting

Fixed: SMS/MMS and Segment Count in Script Preview

We fixed an issue with the script preview window for all types of texting (Peer-to-Peer, Broadcast, and Automated) that incorrectly categorized the message as SMS/MMS and gave an inaccurate segment count depending on that message type. The script preview window now matches the correct categorization and segment count of the main script editing interface.
Volunteers can now edit a report
a phone banking call, rather than waiting until the end of the call to see the final report screen.
On web, this in-call report appears on the right-hand side of the script window. On mobile, this in-call report appears as an additional tab of the app interface, alongside the phone bank instructions and script.
One of the key use cases for this in-call report capability is to allow volunteers to take notes during their call (via a text field custom field added to that phone bank's report by admins). Volunteers may or may not actually submit those notes, but they can use them to keep track of what they've learned in the conversation thus far.
We improved the display of volunteers' synced and matched contacts on the contacts tab of their mobile app to show the
of synced/matched contacts, regardless of the volunteer's current position in list scroll. The total number of synced/matched contacts is now pinned to the top of the screen, regardless of scroll behavior.
We improved the function of volunteer onboarding welcome videos to still play video sound on iPhones even if the phone is on silent mode (similar to how many other popular apps handle video sound).
We fixed an issue where text input would blink in multi-line text fields in the iPhone app. Multi-line text fields now behave normally.
We improved the volunteer app to remove Video Story Collection and Survey filters from their action feed, because those two features are in the process of being removed from Impactive.
We improved volunteers' view of a F2F action by not showing the action's image above the script preview if that image is not actually going to be sent with the F2F message(s).
Admins can toggle "Attach action image to all initial scripts" on the F2F action edit page; that toggle controls whether the action's image is included in the message that volunteers copy to send F2F messages. While it was always true that the image would only actually be included in the message when that setting was toggled ON, the image would previously show in the volunteer's preview even though it wasn't actually going to be sent; that is now removed, so the image does not display if it will not be attached to the message.
We improved volunteers' inbox experience by displaying an error when they attempt to send a message to a contact who has already opted-out from receiving further messages. Previously, it was not clear enough for volunteers that this person could not be messaged anymore, and they would attempt to send a message in the brief time before the thread was auto-archived by Impactive (due to the opt-out); now, the error will make clear why the volunteer's message isn't going through to the contact.
We improved the Users detail table on the Peer-to-Peer Texting View Results page to allow sorting of the table by additional columns: Name, Last Active, and Initial Messages Sent.
We improved our 10DLC registration alert emails to admins to only send an "approval" email when a campaign is fully approved to begin texting.
There are two steps to 10DLC registration - brand approval, and two subsequent approval for actually sending Peer-to-Peer and Broadcast messages. We previously sent an approval email upon
approval, which led admins to believe that they were approved to begin texting immediately when in fact another step remained.
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